Highs near 90, rain chances remain low

As sunshine prevails, rain chances remain low through the rest of the week. Highs today and Friday will hold near 90° - fairly seasonal - but the humidity levels will stay tolerable by mid-July standards.

Things change a bit by the weekend. For starters, chances for much-needed rain pick up again. There's about a 40% chance for thunderstorms each afternoon. As for temperatures, afternoon readings rebound as well, jumping back up into the mid 90s along with higher humidity.

A weak front arrives early next week too, so more opportunities for rain will extend into next week.  But a word of caution: there's not much confidence that we'll totally erase our 5-inch rain deficit over the next week or so. And that's probably a good thing, as too much of a "good thing", in this case, rain, oftentimes leads to flooding.  That, we can do without.

- Al Conklin

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