Three moves that could save your life

Think Fast: how would you protect yourself if someone attacked you?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - That moment of fear when you're walking to the car when the mall has closed for the night, or making your way through a dark parking garage, and you think someone might be behind you.

Could you protect yourself if they were to attack?

It might be as simple as knowing a few basic moves to get you out of harm's way so you can make a run for it.

"If someone grabs you from the front, from behind, or if they're holding you down on the ground, for females in self-defense those are the three things we want to make sure they can get away from," said self-defense and martial arts instructor Kris Sparks.

He showed us how to defend ourselves, create distance, and get away.

"You see he's trying to grab her wrist and drag her away.  The first thing she does is get leverage and breaks free, creating distance," Sparks showed us.

The moves don't have to be perfect, Sparks told us, just done with confidence.

"Criminals are opportunistic. They want to prey on someone who isn't paying attention. They don't want a struggle. They want to grab and go," Sparks said.

Watch the story on this page to see all of the self-defense tactics Sparks wanted to share with you.  Also, watch the attached web exclusive video to see the one no-fail move that could get you out of a sticky situation.

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