Cheap and easy ways to make your used car like new again!

Cheap and easy ways to make your used car like new again!
Charlotte Toyota service
Charlotte Toyota service
Are you thinking about replacing your old car with a newer ride? Trading in your used car in Charlotte can be a solid option for drivers looking to upgrade their ride. However, if your old car still runs just fine, you can save money by holding onto it. Instead of getting rid of your used car in Charlotte, follow our tips to make it look and feel new again on a dime!

Let us help you improve your used car!

Just because your car is getting older doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it. Although we would love to help you drive home in a new car, we can also help you improve the one you already have! Here’s what we can do for you to help make your Charlotte used car look new again:
Car detailing
You may want to head to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte for a car detailing to make the interior of your car look like new. With a car detailing, we’ll clean all of the crack and crevices and the upholstery of your car to make the interior sparkle! Having a clean car can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your vehicle’s interior.
Auto body repair
Does the outside of your car need some work too? If your car has dents and scratches, you may want to bring it to our Toyota Collision Center for auto body repair in Charlotte. We can take care of these eyesores and improve the image of your used car! We can also take care of window and windshield repair.
Headlight restoration
Your car’s headlights can get scratched and foggy over time, which can make the exterior of your car look worn. Luckily, this is an easy fix with a headlight restoration in Charlotte. We can make the plastic around your car’s headlights clear again, which can drastically improve your visibility and your car’s exterior!
Car paint job
Are you looking for a more dramatic change for your Charlotte used car? You can give the exterior of your car a brand new look with a car paint job! We have a paint shop right on site and we offer quality paint jobs. With a new layer of paint on your car, you might not even recognize it! This might not be a cheap fix, but it’s less expensive than opting for a new car!

Toyota of N Charlotte shares more tips for sprucing up your ride

You can also make your car look new by heading to our Toyota Parts Center and getting car accessories like a steering wheel cover, seat covers, and new floor mats! Don’t forget to pick up some air fresheners while you’re here to make your used car smell new too!
Visit us today at 16851 State Road 50. We’re located just off I-77 on exit 23. You can give our Toyota Service Center a call at (888) 378-1214 or our Collision Center a call at (888) 732-5310.