"What's Your Beef?" owner apologizes after On Your Side Investigation

Editor's Note: The following is a post written by Vic Giroux, the manager of "What's Your Beef" butcher shop on the business's Facebook page. The post came one day after an On Your Side Investigates story aired that focused on the shop and the origins of the meat sold there.

To All WYB Customers:

My sincerest apologies for the mistakes I have made.

I am posting this to explain to you the truth about the last 8 years of running my business.

My meat sources are as follows: Colorado Beef, Prestige Farms, Frontier Meats, and Restaurant Depot. I have been utilizing these vendors over the last 8 years.

I apologize for misrepresenting the fact that the meat was from local vendors and for that I am truly, truly sorry.

When I initially started by business, I partnered with a local vendor, Frontier, who supplied me with the meat to get me started from 2007-2010. As I grew, I had enough products to order directly from Colorado Beef and Prestige Farms.

All my beef is Angus choice beef and that comes from Colorado Beef. My chicken was purchased from Prestige Farms. The chickens that we purchased are anti-biotic free.

I assure you that my beef and pork are of the highest grade. I have purchased ribs and whole chickens, chicken parts (i.e., thighs) at times from Sam's in order to meet demand. As a small business owner, I did not want to have to say no to my customer's by not meeting this demand.

I pride myself on the quality of the meat I put out over the last 8 years and that is what has customers coming back regularly. The meat that everyone knows and loves is from Colorado Beef and Prestige Farms.

In regards to the letter from the USDA, it stated that my meat was not fully grass fed and local, and since that time (several years ago), I had removed that information from my website.

I can't tell you any more emphatically that my beef, pork, chicken is real and has no nitrates and glutens.

The USDA visits the store regularly and would fine me or shut me down if I was not following meat regulations. No one has ever gotten sick from my products. The Health Department comes into the store quarterly as well.

I have been reading the emails over the course of the day and I am deeply sorry to all the people that I let down. I understand that I have lost the trust in many of my customers and for that I am deeply sorry. For the ones that have stuck by me, I sincerely thank you. I assure you that the meat you have been buying from me (the products you loved for the last 8 years) is of the highest quality and not from Sam's. I will still continue to have those top-notch products and I will no longer source any of my meats from Sam's.

If you can find it in your heart to forgive the big mistake I made, going forward if I am able to stay in business, I assure you this mistake will never happen again.

I hope to weather through this storm because of my dream and the truth. I don't want this to cause you to give up on me or the store.

My deepest regrets,

Vic Giroux