Molly's Kids: Eight weeks after illegally taking CBD oils, local 6-year-old doing great

Molly's Kids: Eight weeks after illegally taking CBD oils, local 6-year-old doing great

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Stop. Look.

Please take in this "before" & "after":

TOP: Bethany Childers before CBD oils.
BOTTOM: Bethany this morning, on CBD oils for exactly 8 weeks.

Two months ago Hospice was called in to evaluate this Charlotte 6-year-old. She hadn't been able to walk or talk in May, but today could not stop singing into the radio microphone on WBT's Keith Larson Show.

"I give 1,000% credit to CBD oils," mom Abby Childers said. "This strain of medical marijuana is saving my daughter's life."

CBD oils -- cannabis oils -- are made from a marijuana plant but genetically engineered to not ever be able to get anyone high.

Abby is the same mom who boldly videotaped herself illegally giving Bethany her first dose. At Abby's request, I posted that video and put it on the news.

"I wanted people to see the desperation we feel as parents," she said. "When doctors say you have nothing left to try and Hospice is called in, you'll do anything. Even become an outlaw."

No joke -- I'm stopped a dozen times a week by someone asking how "that little girl is doing whose mom gave her medical marijuana."

Here you go, guys.

See for yourself.

The drastic improvement is undeniable.


With this as the backdrop, I still want to point out that doctors say CBD oils are not a miracle drug. They aren't FDA-approved and have NOT shown anecdotal success for every child.

I've personally talked to North Carolina families illegally giving their child this medicine who see no major difference.

Still, there are many who do.

Abby says parents of kids with epilepsy should have a chance to TRY it.

"The medicine should be legal," Abby said. "Every parent of a child who has hundreds of seizures a day should be able to see if this natural plant could be their life-saver."


What's the latest on making CBD oils legal in NC?

HB 766 recently passed the House with resounding support. An amended version passed the Senate last week. If approved again by the House, it'll go to Governor McCrory's desk.

Here's what I wrote last week about the bill (who could benefit and who won't) >>


Bethany... I couldn't believe that was you. Been thinking about our meeting all day.

This is a great example of a picture, or two, saying it all.

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