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Could former Union Co DSS supervisor return to jail?

Wanda Sue Larson Wanda Sue Larson
Dorian Harper Dorian Harper

The Union County Sheriff is talking about a nearly two-year-old investigation after WBTV's interview with a boy who survived horrible abuse.   The boy who was found with a dead chicken around his neck at a Union County home is now 13-years-old. WBTV is calling him "Michael" at his mother's request. We also disguised his voice and face to protect his identity.

When asked why he wanted to come forward and share his story, Michael said it's because Wanda Sue Larson is out on probation.

"Cause I wanted Wanda Sue to go to jail, for, like, her whole life or a long time because - she did a lot of it too," Michael said.

Dorian Harper is serving a six to 10-year prison sentence, but former DSS supervisor Wanda Larson was released from jail with credit for time served. 

The victim and many viewers have reached out and said they want Larson to go back to jail. WBTV went to Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey to find out if that was possible.

Cathey couldn't speak about the plea deal, but he did explain his office's role in the investigation and where things stand now.

Cathey described what it was like nearly two years ago when one of his deputies, who was out on an animal control call about a pig, found an 11-year-old boy, Michael, instead. Michael and four other children in the home were all interviewed. Cathey says what was challenging about this case was that the kids did not have a sense of time, and didn't make specific accusations.

Cathey says all the things that Dorian Harper and Wanda Sue Larson were charged with were within a certain time period which they could prove. He admits he has not watched the interview with Michael, but says nothing new was said that wasn't already investigated.

"We're not investigating anything else. We feel like we've thoroughly investigated this case when it happened. We brought the charges to the district attorney and we presented the case to the district attorney. As far as we're concerned, that case is closed unless something new comes to light that would make us re-open that case," Cathey said.

Cathey says at this point no new accusations have been reported. The district attorney did not speak with WBTV about Larson's plea deal or if any new charges would be filed.

As for Michael, his mom says he continues to go to therapy, which was court-ordered to take place twice a week.


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