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Five things to keep in your car


Whether traveling for the 4th of July holiday, or just a summer vacation, it is important to be prepared for just about anything on the roads.  

Gregg Leftwich with Honest-1 Auto Care visited WBTV News Saturday Morning to talk about safe road trips and he shared his list of the five things you should keep in your car for a safe and successful vacation.  Those things are:

·         Tire puncture sealant:

Some people consider this to be unusual, but they do work well on tires that go flat from simple punctures. A can of sealant may very well get you off a dangerous freeway shoulder.

·         Lug wrench:

A spare tire won't do much good if you can't get the lug nuts off the flat tire. But the lug wrenches that come with many cars aren't big enough. Carry a full-sized wrench, sold at most discount stores or auto parts stores.

·         Jumper cables:

It's amazing how often you will actually use jumper cables – whether for yourself or a stranded friend/stranger. Be sure you buy a pair of high-capacity cables.

·         Tire gauge:

Good tires are expensive, and worth caring for. If you have a gauge, it's easy to accurately check your tires before a long trip or if you’re concerned about the pressure.

·         First aid kit:

You never know when an emergency situation could arise. Making sure you have a good first aid kit, including bottled water.

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