'No makeup selfie' movement goes viral among pageant contestants

Pageant contestants shed makeup

STATESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Several Miss North Carolina pageant contestants have taken to social media to show that beautiful isn't measured on the outside. They're posting "no makeup selfies" right next to their professional headshots.

This comes after two teen contestants were bullied online for the way they look without makeup.

"I personally define beauty not by what my face looks like with makeup on or without makeup on," said Katie Knowles, Miss Statesville 2015. 
Knowles posted a picture online of herself with a fresh face as a part of the movement.

"They said I look disgusting without my makeup on," Knowles said.

Someone anonymously created a Twitter account and started posting pictures of of pageant contestants without their pageant faces on. It was an attempt to bully, but using the hashtag #nomakeupselfie, many pageant contestants have turned the tables, saving the bully the trouble and posting their own pictures with no makeup.

Knowles remembers reading the comment that she looked "disgusting" without makeup on.

"It was a really empowering feeling to say, no I don't. You're wrong. And I feel very comfortable with who I am," she said.

That's what a lot of these ladies are saying - posting picture after picture of themselves with nothing more than a smile on their faces.

"You should really find beauty in the traits and qualities that make you who you are, that make you a beautiful person," Knowles said. "The reasons that people love you and the passions that you have are what make you beautiful - and makeup isn't going to take away or enhance that."

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