VIDEO: 9-year-old boy makes amazing trick shots

9 year old shows off basketball skills

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - Alex Cordora is a bonafide sports fanatic. The 9-year-old Hickory boy has been playing some kind of competitive sport since he was barely able to walk.

His love of the game is evident in the fact that he can spend hours and hours practicing, especially basketball.

"Once he stayed outside for six hours practicing his basketball shots," Alex's mom Julie said.

Back in March, Alex started trying something new on the basketball court. Instead of throwing or shooting the ball, he combined his love of soccer and started kicking the basketball trying to make trick shots.

He succeeded in two different attempts that are pretty impressive for a pre-teen.

In one video, Alex kicks the ball from the half-court mark of a basketball court. Alex screams and run towards the ball after it swished through the net.

In his second attempt a few months later, Alex kicked a basketball towards the goal attached to the roof of his grandfather's home. The ball landed just behind the goal and bounced off at an angle, over the goal and went into the net. Once again, Alex ran screaming with excitement.

"It's just really, really fun," Alex said of his attempts at such interesting shots.


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