BLOG: June 2015 makes history

BLOG: June 2015 makes history

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It should come as no surprise to anyone that we have lived through a major heat wave this month of June. So much so, records have been shattered.

In addition to a number of daily high temperatures that were broken, perhaps the most significant record was our streak of 95 degree heat. Today's forecast high of 96° should finally bring an end to this miserable spell. It will mark the 13th consecutive day of 95° heat or higher.

The previous June record was 10 days, established in 1998. Weekend temperatures though are forecast to remain below 90°.

Take note of the accompanying pictures. You'll see a temperature graph of the past seven of those days. Yes, we hit 100° on four of those seven days. The horizontal line in the graphs is the average high temperature which is 88°. Obviously we haven't been anywhere near that recently.

When the air becomes this hot, moisture is evaporated out of the ground even more quickly and efficiently. That fact combined with the 4.5" rainfall deficit we are currently experiencing has given rise to the first 'Moderate Drought' designation for our region in two years. See picture.

Finally, going forward, I attached one more picture depicting our forecast temperatures over the next week.

While it is true we're getting a break in this heat, note that even with this "cooler" weather, we only manage to bring the actual high temperature near or below the average high once in the next week. So while we welcome this break in the high heat, we're hardly going to be enjoying unseasonably cool summer weather anytime soon.

Continue to be careful with outdoor activities as heat stroke is often the number one weather killer across the nation.

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