Couple calls WBTV for help after company slow to repair water damage

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte couple turned to On Your Side Investigates for help after nearly two months of frustration stemming from a leak in the hot water line connected to their new washing machine.

Brandon Hayes and his wife purchased a new washing machine and dryer from Lowe's in late spring. It was installed at their home on May 9.

The new appliances, Brandon Hayes said, were the last pieces of a total renovation to the bottom floor that cost thousands of dollars.

The couple was surprised to find water dripping from the hot water connection with the washing machine weeks after the new appliance had been installed by a Lowe's employee.

"In my utility closet outside we found standing water, about an inch of standing water. Obviously it was alarming. We thought it was our hot water heater," Hayes said before realizing the water was dripping from the washing machine connection. "That water leaked into two separate rooms underneath two different types of flooring."

Hayes called Lowe's to report the problem. Records provided to On Your Side Investigates show the company agreed to pay a restoration company thousands of dollars to remove the water-damaged floors and asbestos that was discovered during the demolition process.

But that's where Lowe's help has stopped. More than a month after the washing machine was installed, the first floor of the Hayes' home has been stripped to the concrete sub-floor.

Lowe's issued the following statement in response to questions about why it has taken so long to repair the Hayes' home.

"Lowe's takes pride in the delivery and connection of appliances at our customers' homes.

When washers are connected, no plastic bags are used and a test cycle is run to make certain there are no issues with the connection.

In the interest of customer service, we have been diligently working with Mr. Hayes in an attempt to resolve his concerns."

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