Molly's Kids: Free grief camp for kids in Iredell County this week

Molly's Kids: Free grief camp for kids in Iredell County this week

STATESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A little known camp is going on this week, but one worth shouting from mountaintops (or Facebook).

Leigh Ann Darty started a FREE grief camp for kids in Statesville. It's one week every summer. This year, 51 children in our area are having fun and making friends... while talking with others their age who are grieving.

Gotta love these pictures.

The camp is provided by Rainbow Kidz through Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County, who pays for it through grants and community donations.

"Most of these children have a parent or sibling who has died," Leigh Ann said. "There's no way to describe the joy in seeing tiny steps being taken to heal hurting hearts."

Why does Leigh Ann want to teach kids they're not alone in loss?

Her 17-year-old brother died 34 years ago of testicular cancer, after a 10-day diagnosis.

"Needless to say my family was changed forever," Leigh Ann said. "I believe in the power of sharing your story to help others and pay it forward."

Leigh Ann works at Hospice & Palliative Care and founded Rainbow Kidz ten years ago. She says it grows every year -- they've seen over 300 students in 30 schools this past year alone.

Find out more about the Rainbow Kidz here >>

Leigh Ann ends up helping various families of #MollysKids. She says she reads the stories here and a week later will meet the family, when the child is getting treatment. She asked if I'd help get the word out about Camp Rainbow.


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Here's a YouTube video with images from the 2014 camp >>

"I just love this camp," Leigh Ann said. "So far this week has been nothing short of spectacular."

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