NC Senate discusses new CBD oil bill, a strain of medical marijuana

NC Senate discusses new CBD oil bill, a strain of medical marijuana

RALEIGH, NC (WBTV) - If you've followed the legalization of CBD oils in North Carolina then you know last year's law didn't work. The law gave desperate families hope, but never actually gave the strain of medical marijuana to those who said they needed it.

Tonight, there's an update.

A new bill to legalize hemp oils - HB 766 - took a step forward Tuesday in North Carolina. As WBTV has been reporting for weeks, this new bill would let any board-certified neurologist prescribe CBD oils, which has shown anecdotal promise in people and children who suffer from seizures. The medicine is not FDA-approved.

North Carolina's law, passed in 2014, said you could only get the medicine through a pilot study at four university teaching hospitals in the state. CBD oils (cannabis oils) are manufactured from a marijuana plant, but can't get you high. It's a liquid. You take it like you'd take children's Tylenol.

HB 766 passed in the NC House 112 to 2 weeks ago. If it passes the Senate, it'll go to Governor McCrory's desk for his signature.

No vote came Tuesday in the Senate. Just talk.

"Only reason for today's delay is the Senate wants to rework the bill to make it a better bill," said Charlotte native and mom Liz Gorman, who was there lobbying for the medicine to become legal. "The Senate wants to make it quicker to implement but still have necessary safeguards."

Liz lives in Colorado now. She moved from North Carolina with her daughter, Maddie, to legally give her CBD oils for her seizures.

WBTV traveled to Colorado in early 2014 to do stories on them, which eventually won an Emmy.

A vote in Senate could come next week.

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