BLOG: Summer Solstice marks start of 'real' summer

BLOG: Summer Solstice marks start of 'real' summer

Astronomical summer officially begins Sunday with the arrival of the Summer Solstice at 12:39 pm. I know what you're thinking- who cares, right? It's felt like the height of summer over the past week, and will for the next week ahead too!

Yes, the Summer Solstice is "the longest day of the year" (but wait- it still has 24 hours!) So I prefer to say, the day with the most daylight. The sun will come up at 6:09 am and set at 8:41 pm., meaning there are 14 hours, 32 minutes, and 3 seconds of daylight. However, I've always found it interesting that the Solstice does not coincide with the day with the latest sunset of the year. In Charlotte, our sunset time keeps getting later for almost 2 weeks following the Solstice! The latest sunset time will actually be on the 4th of July- when the sun sets at 8:42 pm.

Either way- it's going to be hot. The first week of "real" summer will likely bring more record-breaking heat to Charlotte, as high temperatures get close to 100 Monday through Wednesday. The good bit of news for you is that there are starting to be signs that the heat MAY begin to break into next weekend. But at this point, June is easily shaping up to be hotter than July!

Wondering where you can head to escape the heat? Check out this handy map above that shows the average temperature across the country during the arrival of the Summer Solstice! Notice across our part of North Carolina the AVERAGE is in the mid 70's- wow, wouldn't that be nice?!

(Hover over the map to see average temperatures. Some mobile users may need to visit for full functionality.)

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