Fitness: "Use Your Body"

Fitness: “Use Your Body”

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - During her visit to WBTV News Saturday Morning this weekend, fitness coach

is helping those of us who can't get to a gym or buy expensive workout equipment.

Nettie shared some functional exercise that allow for maximum burn without the expensive gym gear.

1. LOW CRAWL - Good for strengthening the upper back, core and legs. Lower hands to the ?oor and crawl on hands and toes down the hall or around the space you have. Reverse to backwards crawl.

2. BUNNY HOPS - Great thigh burn. Position the body like a bunny low to the ground. Extend both hands out and hop the feet in to follow.

3. WALKING PUSHUPS - Keeping both legs and arms straight, lean forward and walk hands out until body is in a plank position. Push up. Then walk the feet into the hands. Repeat.

4. HOP SQUATS - Hop forward, deep squat, repeat.

5. BURPEE HOPS - Hop forward, perform a burpee. Repeat

6. WALKING PLANK - From full plank position (on hands) walk the arms and legs to one side.

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