WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Toll Lanes Drive Viewers Crazy

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Toll Lanes Drive Viewers Crazy

The following is a response to a recent Speak Out editorial. The views expressed are solely those of the speaker.

To no one's surprise, our viewers whole-heartily agreed with our recent editorial opposed to new toll lanes.

From Michael Szumowski II:

Your coverage on the I-77 H-O-T lanes was spot on…. I am not a part of any group nor promoting any political agenda. Just an extremely concerned Cornelius resident.

"Zoom Kat" wonders:

…why the highway department chooses money-making…instead of decreased congestion and safer traffic throughout.

Several viewers believe something fishy is going on. From Roger Cullis:

This stinks of payoffs and corruption. I think the state attorney general should file an injunction and investigate this matter. This is just wrong.

Vallee Bubak of Davidson blames our representatives…

This has been one of the most blatant abuses of government power I have ever experienced in my life. It's been so upsetting to see powerful political forces and their corporate partners completely mow over the public.

Judy Cole of Cornelius agrees:

I do feel my elected officials don't care. The deal makes absolutely no sense.

And Mac McAlpine says:

I hope (your editorial) inspires others to take action and do whatever it takes to stop the express lanes.

Thanks to all who've written in. In case you're wondering, we received absolutely no comments in favor of the toll lanes.

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