Crime Stoppers: Not an ordinary stick-up

Crime Stoppers: Not an ordinary stick-up

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We've noticed a rash of unusual hold-ups in Charlotte. It's not the ordinary gun and mask. More like, gun and construction vest.

At the Save Point Game Store in the Town Center Plaza off University City Boulevard, a large man who didn't look like your regular video game player, walked into the store at 1 in the afternoon.

He was wearing blue overalls, a camouflage flop hat, sunglasses and an international orange vest.

"He looks like a guy who just got off work doing a construction job or something," said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police (CMPD) Officer Tori Roddey.

With him is another, younger man, who looks more like someone interested in video games. This man wears glasses and asks the clerk for help to find something specific. He then walks to the front of the store, looking over the titles.

The big man in the vest goes to the counter, asking the clerk for a cash refund for whatever he has in his plastic bag. When the clerk looks down at the bag, the big man pulls out a handgun and sticks it in the clerk's chest.

"He was very aggressive with it when he hit him with the gun."

He demands money from the till and gets it. As he leaves, he threatens the clerk and a customer who was busy playing games. Then he grabs the younger man and forces him out of the store.

So it appears to be a kidnapping, but a witness says the two men got in the same car and drove off together. Were they working together?

"That's what we don't know." Right now, he's a person of interest because we're not sure based on what the video shows."

Police would like to find him, but they're very interested in the big man in the orange vest.

"What definitely stands out here is, the overalls and the actual yellow and orange construction worker thing, which we've seen trending recently. Still don't know why but a lot of people committing robberies especially wearing this type of gear."

Please help police catch this crook. Call Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600 and earn yourself a reward.

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