BLOG: In the wake of the tragedy in Charleston, YOU are my heroes

BLOG: In the wake of the tragedy in Charleston, YOU are my heroes

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Today is one of those days in the news business when you just can't seem to shake the truth of what you must report. Nine lives taken. Those faithful people who gathered in prayer, opened their sanctuary to the man who would be their killer. Just awful. Just so awful.

There is some peace tonight knowing a suspect is behind bars. Some peace. That's why I want to take a minute to recognize the heroes among us... those who did exactly what they were supposed to do and called police when they saw something suspicious. The FBI's special agent for North Carolina even said during a news conference Thursday, "Thank you for your efforts which eliminated the threat to the community."

When we show surveillance pictures on the news and say, "Police want us to show you this picture - they need your help to find this person." When we say that, and YOU do that - see what can happen!

Right now Dylann Storm Roof is a suspect in the killings. People watched the news, saw the description of his car, saw those surveillance photos from the church. They paid attention. They called police. Now he's behind bars and, according to federal agents, a threat to our community is eliminated.

Thank you for being with us in this process. News is tough to report, and it's hard not to cry many days. But when we work as a team like this... it's exactly what it should be.

Thank you for paying attention.

Keep praying for Charleston!

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