Safe password storage

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Where do you store your passwords?

In a notebook? Written on sticky notes scattered all over your computer desk? Many of us choose that route because we aren't so sure about those online password vault services.

WBTV Cyber Expert, CEO of Fortalice Solutions Theresa Payton, says there are some new advances that might make these online vaults a better option for you now. Her advice follows:

Before you use one of these free or inexpensive services:

Do your homework.

Read the privacy policy.

Type into your favorite search engine the name of the product and the word breach to see if any breaches pop up.

A few that you might like to try are:




How password vaults work:

They store passwords for you

They check the site you are using to see if it's a phishing or fake site

Many of them will also provide password generation

Several of them now require two factor authentication (sending a text of a code to your cell phone on file for example) before you can open the vault

You can store things like bank account information, passport information, and software license keys.

Is this hackable? Yes, all technology is hackable.


1. Protect your password manager with a very strong password. It can be something that you write down and keep in your wallet

2. Look for a password vault that times out and requires you to login after a few minutes of inactivity

3. Use 2 factor authentication every time it is offered at the different sites

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