Blind teen graduates 6th in class, needs new kidney

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - Ryan Noblett has faced a whole host of challenges almost since the day he was born. He's 18 now and completely blind. Every day he goes through things sighted people could never imagine, and he does it all with a huge smile.

"I've done my best to overcome any obstacles and challenges that are in my way," Ryan said.

There aren't too many obstacles left in his way now that he's graduated 6th in his class from North Western High School in Rock Hill. But there's one thing, one big thing. His kidneys don't work.

"We never knew, for 16 years never knew," Ryan said about finding out two years ago his kidneys were only working at 20 percent.

He now has dialysis 3 days a week to keep his body functioning normally but that can't last forever.

So in July, Ryan's mother is scheduled to give him life once again as she donates one of her healthy kidneys to her son.

"I wasn't even a decision I had to think about," Dr. Anna Chacknes, Ryan's mother said.

Ryan says he isn't worried about the surgery. He's more excited about getting his normal life back, and continuing the whole way with a smile and a positive attitude.

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