BLOG: Loyalty in sports is hard to find

BLOG: Loyalty in sports is hard to find

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Loyalty in sports is hard to find. But it's refreshing when you do actually get a chance to see it.

Case in point: Hornets Center Al Jefferson, who just exercised his option to stay and play for the Hornets in the last year of his contract. True he will make about $13 million this season, and he's struggled the past two years with injuries, but earlier this year he said he wanted to stay here in Charlotte because he had unfinished business.

This is a guy who could try to move on to another team that might give him a chance at winning an league title right away. But kudos to him for staying with the team and city that he wants to help develop a winning attitude when it comes to the NBA.

Go Big Al!