BLOG: 2015 hurricane season

BLOG: 2015 hurricane season

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This hurricane season so far is most notable for what happened before the season even began. Who remembers Tropical Storm Ana which formed in the first week of May, nearly a month before the hurricane season began?

It was fairly substantial with over half a foot of rain falling in some spots near the Carolina Coast along with beach erosion and of course tropical storm force winds.

It was the second earliest tropical cyclone to make landfall in the United States on May 10th, bested only by the Groundhog Day tropical storm in 1952. Speaking of records, what was the earliest and latest hurricane to ever form in a calendar year?

The earliest ever was March 7, 1908.

It formed as a tropical storm on the 6th in the eastern Caribbean, moved north across the Virgin Islands on the 7th as it grew to a Category 2 hurricane, then out into the Atlantic as it weakened to a Tropical Storm on the 9th.

The latest was December 31, 1954, the same year as Hazel. It took a fairly similar path as the one discussed above. This one formed on the 30, peaked as a category 1 hurricane on the 31, maintained that strength and crossed the Virgin Islands on the 2nd.

It didn't lose hurricane strength until January 4 as it moved out over the Atlantic. The earliest US land-falling hurricane was Allison which occurred on June 5, 1995 and came ashore in the Florida panhandle. An unnamed storm was the latest ever; it came ashore near Tampa, FL on November 30, 1925.

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