Small afternoon rain chances, several days of 90-degree weather ahead

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A heat wave is generally considered three or more consecutive days of temperatures at least 90 degrees or higher. That should be pretty easy for us to reach over the next five to seven days.

Hazy, hot and humid today with highs around 90. There will be a small (30 percent) coverage of showers and isolated storms this afternoon- but you'll see on the 7-day forecast that the shower chance comes down each day this weekend, as the temperatures come up.

By Saturday and Sunday we're in the low 90s, and early next week we'll be in the mid 90s with still no big signs of needed rain to cool us off.

Try and stay cool this week and remember to limit outdoor activity for extended periods of time when possible and drink plenty of water!

- Meteorologist Lyndsay Tapases

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