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'Selfie Poem' angers Lincoln County mother


A poem sent home with Lincolnton second graders is causing controversy.

Megan Melton was looking through her daughter's notebook to see if there was anything she wanted to save when she stumbled upon a "selfie poem."

"I read it and I did not like it at all. It made my heart sink to my stomach," Melton says. She says the poem was handed out by a temporary teacher at Battleground Elementary.

The poem reads:

"I tried to take a selfie when I was all alone. I never should have done it. It broke my mobile phone. I guess I'm not so pretty. I thought that I was cuter. I snapped one on my laptop and busted the computer. I cracked my father's camera. My mother's iPad too. This shouldn't be so difficult. I don't know what to do. At last I got a selfie; perhaps the worst one yet. I posted it online today. It broke the internet."

Melton says the poem even struck a nerve with her eight-year-old.

"She said that it was very mean, that she didn't think that it was right," Melton said.

Melton tells WBTV her main concern is the pressure young girls already face regarding self image. She believes this poem, even if it was intended to be humorous, doesn't help.

"How does this help anybody's self esteem? Adult, a child, anything. To me, with the way bullying is and the way the world is now, it wasn't appropriate at all," Melton said.

Thursday afternoon, The Lincoln County School District told WBTV they didn't know about the poem, but would look into it. We are waiting on that response.

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