BLOG: Are NASCAR fans the best fans?

BLOG: Are NASCAR fans the best fans?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Right now we're in the middle of the year in sports which features basketball fans, baseball fans, soccer fans and hockey fans. All of them are great, but the most loyal have to be NASCAR fans, right?

They will do anything or go anywhere to get a glimpse of their favorite driver.

Thursday at a local 7-11, Dale Earnhardt Junior unveiled his new paint scheme for this weekend's race at Michigan, as voted on by the fans. It was a meet and greet and one lucky person got tickets to the race this weekend.

Our new weekend sports anchor Ashley Stroehlein, who will have highlights of that race on WBTV News Sunday at 6 and 11 p.m., covered the event. I had the audacity to ask her whether a lot of people showed up to see Junior.

She just smiled and said, "NASCAR events like that always take me back to my roots in Virginia."

A lot of good people having a great time! No need to say anything more!

Except, she forgot to bring me back a slurpee!