Stranger helps stranded woman, gives her 'gift' of faith

Man helps woman on side of road

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Veronica Boden said it happened at the worst possible time. On the way back from the beach on Highway 16 near Charlotte, her car started smoking.

"I pulled over and I was like, why now why is this happening?" The single mother of three said.

Veronica said she was barely off to the side of the road Monday afternoon when a car stopped to help. A man stepped out and offered to look and see if it was something he could fix.

"He tried to show me what was wrong, but I don't know anything about cars," Veronica said. Her Chevy sedan had a busted radiator and wasn't going anywhere. Neither was the stranger. Veronica said he stayed with her for more than an hour while she waited for help. It was hot outside so he gave her water.

This seemingly simple gesture meant much more to Veronica than just a simple roadside encounter with a nice stranger. She said it made her realize again that good people do exist. She contacted WBTV after the assistance and wanted to share the story.

"This man just appeared and helped me, more than he probably realizes," Veronica said.

She's been struggling since her boyfriend passed away two years ago, but says she found God then and truly appreciates kind encounters now more than ever.

When help finally arrived the man told Veronica he has a wife and daughter and wouldn't want them to be stuck on the side of the road alone. He then did something else. The man handed Veronica a $100 dollar bill which she at first, refused to accept.

He insisted and told her, "I've been blessed so I want to bless someone else."

Veronica needed the money. The repair bill on her car came to just over $130. The money the kind stranger gave her helped tremendously. The faith he restored for her however, helped even more.

She said they hugged and then the stranger drove away.

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