BLOG: Kids sometimes have the best advice

BLOG: Kids sometimes have the best advice

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Some of you already heard about my mishap during our media softball league game this past Saturday.

If you haven't what a doozy it was. I'll set the scene:

A fly ball was hit right to me at second base. No guessing needed this one was right over my head – no sweat! As the ball reached its peak I already envisioned it landing right into my glove. But suddenly the ball got lost in this really bright thing that shines in the sky…you may have heard of it before… it's called the sun! As I waited for the softball to get out of the sun's glare – WHAM!

No that wasn't the sound of the softball hitting my glove. It was the sound of the ball hitting me square in the nose! I fell to the ground and was down for the count.

Bloodied and, of course, sidelined for the rest of the game, an x-ray at the emergency room would confirm I have a nose fracture. Swelling and bruising under my right eye are the reasons why you didn't see me on the air most of this week.

I'm better now.

The bruise (pictured right) is still there. But it was good to be back on the air today for the first time since the accident (pictured left)… wearing some really good concealer I might add.

The best advice was from, of all people, my four-year-old. He said, "Mommy…um mommy mommy. Um…next time a ball…um…is about to, um, hit you in the nose, mommy…um…um…move really fast to the side."

Good advice, son....

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