SouthPark restaurant closes again after more illnesses reported; LIVE report on WBTV

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - is closed again. More people have come forward saying they got sick after eating at the SouthPark restaurant.

The burger and sushi bar has hired a professional cleaning company to sanitize the restaurant and is expected to remain closed until at least Sunday to "ensure all potential sources of the suspected virus have been eliminated.

WBTV's Ashton Pellom has more on the steps the restaurant is taking and how long it will remain closed.

NEW: Can you help? We have learned the identities of two people who were killed in a double shooting in east Charlotte. The victims were 26-year-old Matthew Brown and and 23-year-old Mykeijaa Tucker. Officials gave us an image caught on surveillance of a person of interest police want to speak to. We'll show it on air in hopes people will come forward to solve this crime.

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As news breaks this morning we'll check in with Mark Davenport in the Alert Center. He can find out details as it's happening.

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