BLOG: Honey please!

BLOG: Honey please!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - I always like to kid that children are like little Petri dishes. My kids, especially my youngest who turned four, lived up to that. He would come home from pre-school with a backpack full of arts and crafts he did for the day, and an extra gooey, slimy green runny nose. (Sorry to be so graphic but work with me here...)

The runny nose would soon be accompanied by a cough, watery eyes. At one point our pediatrician said these cold symptoms could be confused for just allergy symptoms. Give him Children's Allegra. So we did. And the symptoms went away! Yay! But they would come back, over and over again.

At Urgent Care we were at our wits end because we were going through bottles and bottles of Allegra, tissue boxes and multiple sleepless nights nursing his chronic cough. During a trip to urgent care the doctor said we don't prescribe antibiotics for this but there is something you can give both your kids that will help.

I'm waiting with desperate anticipation for the doctor to say some medical breakthrough of a treatment plan as the two words came out of her mouth: local honey. That's it??! Give them local honey?

Okay I have heard of, and read a script or two on-air, about the benefits of local honey but is that really going to do the trick?? I left urgent care skeptical but willing to try anything at this point.

We picked up a bottle of local honey from a vendor at a local market down the street, and started our local honey regimen: one spoonful twice a day. Do you know it would be six months before any one of our children got sick again??

So I'm on board! Local honey does have its benefits. We actually did some research and found the local beekeeper who makes the honey and visited his farm in South Carolina. My kids still talk about that trip and meeting "Farmer John!"

So next time you see me read a story on the air about the benefits of local honey with a little passion you'll know why!

~Christine Sperow

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