Find out how to use the cruise control in car

Find out how to use the cruise control in car
Cruise control tips
Cruise control tips
Cruise control is a handy feature that you can find in most of our N Charlotte Toyota cars. This is a device that can automatically control your car’s throttle for you when you turn it on! With this feature on your side, you can keep a consistent speed, prevent fatigue for your leg, and improve your fuel efficiency. 

Toyota of N Charlotte explains how to use this feature

If you haven’t already used your car’s cruise control, you may be wondering how it works. Using this feature is actually very easy! Toyota of N Charlotte is explaining easy directions for activating cruise control.
  • The first thing you need to do before you use this feature is get your car to a constant speed. 
  • Once you get to the mph you want to go, you can activate the cruise control. Look for a button or lever on your steering wheel of your new Toyota in N Charlotte that has “cruise on/off” on it. 
  • After you turn on this feature, you can take your foot off the gas pedal. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to do any work – you’re in charge of paying attention to the road and steering!
  • When you don’t want to use this device anymore, all you have to do it tap the brakes or the gas pedal. This will automatically deactivate this feature, so you can be in control of the throttle again. 

Tips for using your car’s cruise control

This feature can come in handy while driving your N Charlotte Toyota; however, you want to be sure you use it right. This is why we’re sharing some tips you can follow when using your car’s cruise control!
Don’t use it in heavy traffic
One instance in which you shouldn’t use this feature is during heavy traffic! This feature is designed to help you keep a constant pace. If traffic is stop and go, this feature won’t be very handy. In fact, it can end up causing a car accident!
Use on flat ground
Using cruise control can help you get enhance the fuel efficiency of your new Toyota near Charlotte. However, this can only happen on flat ground. We don’t suggest using it when going up and down hills, as it can end up using more gas. 
Don’t use while it’s raining
You should NEVER turn on this device when driving in rain or when the ground is slippery. Since it’s trying to keep your car at a constant speed, it can easily slip and hydroplane, which can be extremely dangerous! 
Keep your attention on the road
Some of our Toyota cars in N Charlotte offer Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. This can sense when the car in front of you slows down and will automatically slow your car down. However, if you don’t have this advanced feature, you’re in charge of slowing down your car on your own! Remember, you’re also in charge of the steering wheel!
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