Summer-proof your smartphone

Summer-proof your smartphone

Keep your smartphone in its original condition this summer. Christian Turner, Staymobile's Director of Training & Operations, stopped by WBTV News Saturday Morning to share four tips to summer-proof your smartphone.

• Stay Dry – A big problem for phones in the summer is water damage. There are a number of cases on the market, so no matter what your style there is no excuse for it not to be protected. Beware of terms such as "water-resistant" as these may only protect your phone from a drop of water not a drop into the waves.

• Stay Clean - Sunscreen, moisturizer, bronzer, sweat: They will all end up on your phone during a day at the beach if you're not careful. While these substances won't ruin your phone, they are very greasy and can make it difficult to see you screen. If tanning is a priority for you this summer, be sure to travel with device friendly wipes to quickly disinfect and de-grease your screen.

• Stay Cool - All devices heat when directly hit by the sun's rays, which can mean big trouble for your phone. Leaving your devices in the sun for too long leads to overheating, which can kill your battery. Turn off all idle apps and only use your phone in the shade. Remember to store your phone in a cool and dry place as far away from the sun as possible.

• Stay Sand-Free - Protective device cases have plenty of cracks where sand can sneak in and seriously damage your phone. Rather than letting your phone chill at the bottom of your sand-filled beach bag, store it in its own plastic mesh pouch so you can shake the sand out of its surroundings.


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