Man makes profound connection with bubbles

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - If the name Steve Langley sounds familiar, it's because he's known around the world for breaking world records.

Most recently his conquests include shattering a record for number of paddle ball paddles being operated at one time by one person.

He's an entertainer by trade. His gigs include audiences small and large, wowing them with his antics and sometimes mind-blowing tricks.

But he's constantly re-inventing himself.

His latest venture into crowd pleasing stunts is based on nothing but soap and water. Steve is using bubbles to blow minds.

"It's so smile inducing, it just spread so much joy that's sort of my line when I tell people 'I'm just using the bubbles for a front, what I'm really selling are smiles and happiness," Steve said.

From the driveway of his Huntersville home, Steve looks almost like a child.

He dips a specially-made wand into soapy water and quickly pulls the contraption through the air, releasing hundreds of bubbles. And you can't help but smile to watch the floating orbs as they slowly make their way to their demise.

"It takes you to a very calm state, it puts you in a relaxed state just watching them float through the air," Steve said.

Recently, the entertainer was performing his bubble routine to a group of older adults. Steve says an elderly man watched as a bubble floated near him and the man reached up to grab it with a smile. Steve says a nurse later told him that man hadn't smiled in a long time.

That's the point Steve says. His mission of entertaining with bubbles is moving quickly.

He hopes to attempt another Guinness World Record for longest bubble chain. The current record is 30 bubbles. Steve will attempt to break that record next week in Huntersville.

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