Charlotte mom fighting breast cancer feels blessed

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Allyson's journey: A 38-year-old Charlotte mom is battling aggressive breast cancer. Allyson Gahan has no family history. She's young. Vibrant. Her world was rocked when the diagnosis came late last year. 

"I believe it was the Beatles who said, 'I get by with a little help from my friends'." That was the first line in the email update from Allyson.

If you've followed her journey since the first installment on April 23rd, you're familiar with her roller coaster feelings about being diagnosed with cancer, having her breasts surgically removed and now going through harsh treatments to keep the cancer away.

"It's all about my friends right now," she wrote. "It shouldn't take an event to make me realize how important they are, but it did. I can't imagine my life without them."

Allyson's husband, Kyle, was out of town on business this past Tuesday. Tuesday is treatment day.

"I had tons of offers from friends to take me and sit with me," Allyson said. "It's a LOOOOOOONG day. Knowing people were willing to give their time… that alone makes me want to cry."

Her friend Cami Warren, pictured on the left, dropped off Allyson's kids at daycare, listened through doctor's appointments, held a hand through hours of treatment and napped with her when needed.

"Most of all she made me laugh," Allyson said. "I'm starting to think laughter is better medicine than the poison they're putting inside me. Laughter is SO needed."

Meantime, two other friends – Zeke and Jenelle Strawbridge – took care of her dogs, brought food and took the kids after preschool.

The next day, friend Sarah Holler dragged Allyson to dance class.

"She'll kill me for sending you this picture!" Allyson wrote with a smile. "But her getting me out and sweaty to do SOMETHING made me feel normal. It made me feel like I had a leg up on cancer."

Allyson has maintained she won't let cancer rule her life. That attitude continues to shine.

"I'm stronger than this!!!", she wrote emphatically. "I am getting through this not as an 'I', but as a 'we'. I now realize it's a group effort. WE – my family and friends -- push ME through. Delivered meals, prayers, books… it's all amazing."

Allyson must have been emailing this blog update from a coffee shop, because the next line was...

"Okay, now I'm bawling at Starbucks," she said. "I can't help it. I just feel extremely blessed to have amazing people in my life. Having cancer has made me witness the amazing power of friendship. In the past six weeks there have been times I didn't want to go on. My friends lifted me up to make me move forward."

Dry your tears, Allyson.

Like you said in the last line of your email, you're one lucky girl.

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Editor's note: Allyson asked, if she would be able to do a personal blog through this page. She wanted to showcase the reality of how life changes when cancer hits. Brilliant idea. She sends Anchor Molly Grantham her raw thoughts – Molly writes them into a "blog" on her Facebook page.

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