BLOG: Do you have the summer blues?

BLOG: Do you have the summer blues?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Where do you stand on summer sports? Justin at a local body shop is excited about the NBA Playoffs tomorrow. I am too. By the way they did a great job fixing my car that somebody ran into — I won't mention any names.

The collision center, in conjunction with a rental car company working out of the same building, did a bang-up job. No pun intended.

While Justin and I are looking forward to the basketball deal, some of you are ready for the Stanley Cup Finals beginning tonight.

Good for you!

And some of you are even excited about the NBA Draft.

That's some serious dedication right there.

But in the end, most of us are looking ahead to the football season.

High school, college, NFL - it really doesn't matter. It's time to hit somebody for real.

And once again no pun intended.


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