BLOG: Sweat. It's not all bad

BLOG: Sweat. It's not all bad

Happy National Running Day! Maybe this is a day you celebrate. Maybe this is a day you ignore. Either way, sooner or later, you're going to sweat. (We live in the south so let's go with sooner.)

Have you ever thought about how sweat works? It's actually not the act of sweating that cools you down. It's the evaporation of that sweat that cools you down. In order for the sweat (or any other type of water) to evaporate, it takes a certain amount of heat. The heat energy increases the speed of the water molecules so they can "make a break for it" and escape into the air, liberating your excess heat.

Here's the problem. Around here, it's pretty humid, right? You can almost see it in a picture of Charlotte's skyline. There's so much water vapor in the atmosphere that it looks at your sweat and says, I don't want that! I've already got more than enough moisture up here! (Ok, it doesn't actually say that but it would if it could.) On those days, the sweat just sits on your skin… and you don't cool down. There's a breakdown in the system. For us, that breakdown lasts for a few months.

Remember to drink lots of extra water when you're outside in the summer. Whether or not your sweat cools you down, you can still get dehydrated!

So again, happy National Running Day to the runners out there! Sorry to the non-runners who I just gave another reason not to run…

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