BLOG: Local artist gets international recognition

BLOG: Local artist gets international recognition

I get so excited when I check my inbox to find good news! Especially when it means a local artist is being recognized for their talent. I can't lie, there is a little bit of selfish motivation. I want all people with gifts to use them, and then be celebrated for them! That's why I'm sharing the great news about Holly Glassrock from the town of Catawba in York County.

Holly is enjoying one of those life-changing milestones. The York County artist's work will be seen all over the country when she's featured in the June/July issue of the prestigious International Artist Magazine. The painting, Ahead of the Storm, makes me feel like I'm looking out the window of a beach house from my youth…that time of day when Mom calls you in because there's a storm brewing in the distance. Glassrock says that feeling isn't too far off from how the piece came to life.

Glasscock told me she was on a trip to Edisto Island for a commissioned piece. The client pointed out the window and said, "I want you to capture that sky," he told her.

I spoke with her from home, "You know at the beach when a storm is coming. The sky is dark, the ocean bright, and somehow, the sun is still out. But you know the storm is coming. That's what this painting is," she told me. Ms. Glassrock knows that sky very well. She makes many trips every year to Edisto Island.

She told me she was really honored to learn her painting had been chosen from a contest. "They have these challenges every two months, and I am thrilled because artists from all over the world participate," she said.

Glassrock spent three months working on the piece. It is oil painted on hard board panel. She used several photographs to reference throughout her painting process. It's obvious when you talk with Holly that painting is her passion. What started out a hobby for most of her life, became a real profession 10 years ago.

Thanks to the Arts Council of York County for spreading the word on Holly's huge accomplishment. Great to see one of our local talents appreciated throughout the world. Well done Holly, well done!

The Arts Council is located in downtown Rock Hill, SC. You can learn more about their events and programs on their web site.

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