Amazing Race winner remembers old times at Camp Thunderbird

Amazing Race season 26 winner gives back

LAKE WYLIE, SC (WBTV) - Turning down the road to Camp Thunderbird brings back a flood of memories for Amazing Race winner and former camp counselor Tyler Adams.

Adams is the season 26 winner of The Amazing Race and attended Camp Thunderbird for several years as a camper then returned as a counselor.

"You just feel like a little kid again out here," Adams said, "I learned a lot of valuable lessons and met some incredible people and it all just kind of resonates."

Tuesday morning Adams returned to the place he remembers so fondly growing up. He came to visit and to talk about his fundraiser that brought more than $10,000 in to the camp to help low income families afford to send their kids to the summer program.

While sitting on the back of a boat in Lake Wylie, Adams talked about how his time at camp helped prepare him to win the Amazing Race and land him $1 million in prize money.

"Coming to camp was awesome preparation because you have to be ready for anything. At camp you have to do 7 different activities in a day and to be able to hop in a kayak or jump off the blob or riflery. Just having that up for whatever kind of attitude where you can jump into any situation and not be afraid to do it is the advantage that camp gave me when I was running the Amazing Race," Adams said.