BLOG: Does Cam Newton deserve $100 million extension from the Carolina Panthers?

BLOG: Does Cam Newton deserve $100 million extension from the Carolina Panthers?

Does Panthers quarterback Cam Newton deserve a $100 million extension from the team?  YES he does and there is no question at this point.

First thing, franchise quarterbacks do not grow on trees.  Cam is a franchise QB in this league and you have to pay if you want to keep him.  His skill set, size, and speed makes him a very unique player in this league.  He has 2 Pro Bowls in his 4 years with the team. And don't forget, he set a NFL rookie passing record in 2011 (4,051 yards) after the lockout where there were NO offseason mini camp, rookie mini camp or OTA.  Andrew Luck would break that record the next season and he to is going to get PAID soon.

Of the 32 teams in the NFL, 18 of them are pretty comfortable with their QB situation and they all have a chance to win big in this league because of that.  The past 12 Super Bowl winners had a QB they considered a franchise QB.  You have to go back to 2003 and a Brad Johnson led Tampa Bay team that won the big prize without a franchise QB.  All but Russell Wilson have been compensated for winning the Lombardi Trophy, but don't feel bad for Wilson.  Like Luck and Cam, he will be going to the big pay day window in the very near future.

Another reason Cam is going to get $100 million with guaranteed money around $50-60 million goes back to the last Collective Bargaining Agreement after the lockout in 2011.  That year, the league and players association started a rookie pay scale.

Cam was the first #1 pick under that new agreement and only made $22 million.  The previous #1 pick was Sam Bradford and he made $50 million guaranteed and Bradford has done NOTHING compared to what Cam has done in this league.  Yes for you and I, $22 million is a lot of money, but Cam wants and deserves this pay raise on this 2nd contract. 

OK, for those who say Cam is not a franchise QB because he is not accurate with his passes or he has a losing record as a starting QB (31-33-1) let me hit you with this. 

The goal of this game is to WIN when it counts!  Cam has been a reason this team has won back to back NFC South division title.  The first NFC South team to do that.  He helped this team win a playoff game last season when they went 7-8-1.  No, he is not the sole reason, but he has a lot to do with the team's success.

So like it or not, he is going to get the money. 

Now, I will agree he has to get better with his accuracy and I think he will tell you the same thing.  No, I KNOW HE WILL SAY IT!  But from what he has shown us thus far, he deserves this big extension.  If the Panthers won't pay him, someone will and will do it in a heart beat without hesitation.

We may have to go thru this next summer as well with Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly and YES, they have to pay him as well and they will because he is just as important to that defense as Cam is to the offense.  Luke won't get the kind of money Cam will, but it will be a lot of cash.

With Cam and Luke as the cornerstones, this franchise will be set for future sustained success and that is the goal for EVERY team in the NFL.


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