Find out how to change oil in your home garage!

Find out how to change oil in your home garage!
How to change oil
How to change oil
To take care of your ride, you must keep up with routine car maintenance. This includes getting an oil change in Charlotte on a regular basis. Although we offer this auto service for a cheap price, you may want to try to save money by doing it yourself. Our Charlotte Toyota service experts are sharing how to change oil at home!

Learn how to change oil and save money

One way of saving money when it comes to your ride is doing Charlotte routine car maintenance on your own. Although it’ll cost you in time and labor, it can save you a few dollars! An oil change in Charlotte is one of the most popular at home auto services. This is because it’s easy to do. However, if you don’t know how to change oil, don’t worry! Toyota of N Charlotte is sharing how to change oil on your own!
  • The first thing you want to do before you start learning how to change oil is gather all of the tools and supplies. The tools you’ll need include a socket wrench, an oil pan, a funnel, an oil filter wrench, and a car jack. You’ll also need a new oil filter and 4-6 liters of new engine oil. Make sure you get the right engine oil by checking your owner’s manual. 
  • The next step when learning how to change oil is learning how to drain the oil from your car. To do this, you should lift your car using the car jack and find the oil plug. This is where the oil will drain out, so put the oil pan underneath it. Then, you can use the socket wrench to take out the oil plug and let the oil drain out.
  • While the oil is draining, you can start swapping out the oil filter. Find the oil filter by referring to your owner’s manual. Once you find it, use the oil filter wrench to unscrew it. Then, you can easily screw on the new filter! 
  • The next of how to change oil step is easy! Put the oil plug back in and place the funnel where the oil cap was. Lastly, pour the new oil into the reservoir using the funnel. 

Quick tips for performing an oil change in Charlotte

  • Tip 1: To help the oil drain faster, we suggest starting your car and letting the engine run a few minutes. This will warm up and loosen up the oil. You can also unscrew the oil cap to let the air circulate and help the oil come out faster!
  • Tip 2: Before screwing in the new oil filter, you should take some new oil and smear it around the gasket. This will help create a tighter seal on your oil filter.
  • Tip 3: Once you’re done with the Charlotte oil change, check the fluid level using the dipstick. However, you should let your car sit for a few hours before checking it and be sure your car is parked on a flat surface!
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