Dining series winner shares recipe for Spring Pea Salad

Dining series winner shares recipe for Spring Pea Salad

Chef Joseph Cornett led The Flipside Café team to the bracket one championship of this year's Got to Be NC Competition Dining Series Charlotte Tournament.

Chef Cornett defeated Chef Steven Goff to claim the regional title. He also knocked out competitors Jon Ernst of Café Monte French Bakery and Bistro, Chris Coleman of The Asbury and Ben Miles of BLT Steak along the way.

The bracket two winner and other Charlotte regional champion is Chef Brent Martin of The Summit Room in Charlotte.

Chef Joseph Cornett and the other Charlotte regional champion both move on to compete in the battle of champions in October. For more information, visit competitiondining.com.

Spring pea salad with UAV beet ricotta, picked mint, Tega Farms micro greens, shaved fennel and citrus vinaigrette

By: Got to Be NC Competition Dining Series' 2015 Charlotte Champion

Chef Joseph Cornett of The Flipside Café

For the salad:

* 3oz snap peas (blanched)

* 1 red beet (roasted)

* 1c ricotta

* 2 sprigs of mint

* 2oz of baby greens

* 1 bulb of fennel (shaved)

For the dressing:

* 2c Orange juice

* 1tsp diced garlic

* 1/4c Orange blossom honey

* 1/4c white wine vinegar

* Pinch of salt


Combine all items for the dressing and blend on high.

Blend the red beet with ricotta in a food processor. Blanch peas in boiling water, then immediately shock in ice water. Toss the vegetables and greens with the dressing (a little goes a long way!)