Crime Stoppers: Memorial Day robbery

Armed man holds up Family Dollar store

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Memorial Day was anything but memorable for clerks at a local Family Dollar store.

They were robbed at gunpoint by a man wearing bright, red socks.

Surveillance from inside the Family Dollar at Sunset Road and Beatties Ford shows the crook walk in the front door in the early evening. He's wearing a bold blue shirt and those unforgettable stockings.

He plants himself near the check-out counter, waiting for the customer line to dwindle. When is does, he strikes. He reaches under his shirt and produces a black handgun, then walks to the clerk to let her see it.

He tells her to not make any sudden moves and not to hit any buttons. He also says he wants the money from the register.

While she's opening the cash drawer, one of the customers who was standing in line tosses her purse into a display case under the front counter, and out of sight of the robber. She clearly doesn't want the crook to see it and take it from her. When he pockets all the cash from the store and looks the other way, the customer seizes the moment, grabs her purse and scampers out of the store.

The crook then turns to leave, but not before this exchange with the clerk.

"He hadn't fully left the store and she says to the other employee, 'Call the police, now,'" said CMPD Officer Tori Roddey, "And the robber turned around and said, 'Wait 'till I leave.'"

As he left, one of the store employees followed him outside.

"The male employee followed him and saw him go across the street to the Montgomery Gardens apartment complex."

Is it possible he lives in those apartments?

"Could be, but they didn't see a vehicle leaving out of there so he possibly could have remained on foot and gone toward Sunset Drive."

Police dogs searched the area but were unable to get the scent.

If you like the odor of money and want to help, call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 and you'll be paid a reward without leaving your name.

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