BLOG: Can you solve this...and a Rubik's Cube?

BLOG: Can you solve this...and a Rubik's Cube?

I am searching for...I don't know!  So I could use your help.

Many years ago I did a Carolina Camera story on a young student who was amazing (which is why I did the story with him of course)!  Remember those old Rubik's Cube puzzles that you would twist and turn to get each side to have the same color?  I could never get mine to do that no matter how hard I tried. But this student sure could!

Not only could he solve the puzzle each time I twisted it around...he did it in just seconds!  It was incredible to watch him do it over and over again.

No matter how much I twisted the Rubik's Cube to get it into different configurations, he'd get it back together lickety-split!  It was so impressive!

So now I'm trying to solve another puzzle:  whatever happened to that student?  What is he doing today?  Could he still solve the Rubik's Cube today?  Did his ability to solve the Rubik's Cube so quickly translate into other successes?

I've often thought of that story over the's among many I would love to do a follow-up on.  But here's the bigger puzzle:  I can't find that story in our archives or any information about it!  And I've even tried Google and other search engines but I still can't find an answer.

So I'm asking for your help!  Do you know who that young man was?  As best as I can remember...well, I just can't!  For some reason I want to say he was a student in either Caldwell County or Catawba County or Burke County.  Was it Gamewell Elementary or Gamewell Middle School?  For some reason that comes to my mind but I could be way off.

Can you help me?  If I could find that student, who by now would be a grown man, I would love to get together with him again and do a story if he'd be willing!  And I'd love to see him work that Rubik's Cube!

If you have any idea who he might be or how I could find him, how about sending me an email: 
Now...if only I could remember where I put that old Rubik's Cube I used to have!!

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