BLOG: Didn't expect to say the G-word this soon

BLOG: Didn't expect to say the G-word this soon

It's so appropriate this blog is called the Sperow's Nest since none of my "chicks," my 5-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son, are even close to leaving the nest yet.

So it's taking me by surprise that I'm uttering the G-word right now….Graduation!

Yes, my daughter Camryn, who is in the final weeks of finishing kindergarten, is actually having a graduation. A full-on ceremony!

The only graduations I ever experienced were in high school and college. But kindergarten?? Yes, it's a new day. And I came to accept that when my daughter brought these graduation pictures back from school ahead of the big day! They made me melt - too cute!!!

In the end I'm cherishing this milestone… before long it will be the other graduation from high school where she will actually be leaving the nest.

- Christine Sperow

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