BLOG: Please don't die!

BLOG: Please don't die!

I'm taking a bold step at the Sperow's Nest.
One thing I was not born with, and have never even acquired, is a "green thumb." Not even after several hours of watching HGTV and DIY networks over the years.
But I'm still feeling ambitious.
I just invested in (errr, I mean "bought") five Encore azaleas to plant around our yard. FIVE! What has gotten into me??! I have killed every other plant that has ever been in my possession. Now I must take on trying to successfully nurture FIVE azaleas??

I really acquired a love for these beautiful shrubs after living in Tyler, Texas where they hold an annual azalea festival. The azaleas in the historic district there are incredible! To die for! (Excuse the pun)

After such a rainy April, I hope to mirror that same beautiful look in my front yard. Here's to hoping my efforts will pay off with the short few weeks of blooms I'll get to see each year.

Have any advice for caring for azaleas? Post it here, PLEASE!
I attached pictures of what the just-planted azaleas look like now – proof that they were at one point alive and breathing…

- Christine Sperow

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