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Dad: Daughter's senior prank prompts evacuation at South Iredell HS

Shannon Farrell being charged by Troutman Police Shannon Farrell being charged by Troutman Police
Lekia Hall being charged by Troutman PD Lekia Hall being charged by Troutman PD

The father of a South Iredell High School senior says his daughter's senior prank was what sparked an evacuation Tuesday morning after officials say "something" was found inside a student's locker.

“Started out as a senior prank," Dan Farrell told WBTV. "My daughter was involved in it and told me about it, she was going to do a senior prank, take alarm clocks and put them in all these unused lockers and put, set them to go off every couple minutes, with zip ties, and apparently they thought it was a bomb, so now it's out of control." 

Shannon Farrell, 18, and Lekia Hal, 18, were both charged with one felony count each of  hoax by false bomb in a public building.

“The more I think about it I guess it was kind of silly, today's world," Farrell continued.  "I didn't think anything of it when she told me, I thought it was kind of funny, you know, have one go off every couple minutes something happen, teachers running everywhere to get them, but I guess the more I think about it now I guess it was kind of silly in today's world with all the bomb threats and everything, never thought about it that way."

South Iredell High School in Statesville was evacuated just before 10:45 a.m.  The incident also resulted in a large police presence from several local agencies, the NC Highway Patrol, firefighters, and Iredell County EMS.

“It raised suspicion because number one the alarm was going off inside, one of the administrators or staff members heard it and contacted admin and contacted us," Chief Matthew Selves of the Troutman Police told WBTV. “These are lockers that are not used by students, they actually have zip ties on them and there was a lock on one of these lockers, one of the zip ties had been cut and a lock had been put on it, a key lock type thing.”

Students were allowed to go back into class around noon after no explosive devices were found. During the incident, 1500 students and 200 faculty members had to be evacuated from the building.

One student was treated at the scene by EMS for undisclosed "health issues" while the evacuation was in progress.

The Troutman Police Department is investigating the situation.  Chief Selves told WBTV that his investigators have learned that threats were made on social media about carrying out just such a prank.

“We didn't find out about this, during the investigation," Selves said. "We kind of figured out that some of the students might have known about it before hand and the advice is if you hear something like this, please come tell us ahead of time so we can cut this off right at the, before it even happens.”

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