Get quality tire repair in Charlotte

Get quality tire repair in Charlotte
cheap tire repair
cheap tire repair
You get a nail in your car tire – now what? The answer is simple; just head to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte to get quick and affordable tire repair. If the damage to your tire isn’t too bad, we can fix it for you. However, did you know that there are different options when it comes to tire repair? 

Charlotte Toyota service pros explain tire repair

Before you get tire repair in Charlotte, we’ll check the damage on your car tires to find out if it can be repaired. In order to qualify for tire repair, the hole must be smaller than ¼ of an inch, on the tread part of the tire (not the sidewall), and it must be a clean puncture. If it fits these guidelines, you can either get it patched by our professional Charlotte auto service technicians or you can plug the hole on your own.
  • Patching a hole in a tire is typically tire repair that is done by a professional. When you bring your car to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte, we’ll remove your car tire and patch it on the inside with a rubber patch. This is the most reliable method of repairing a tire, as it’s considered a permanent fix. By patching your tire, you’ll most likely be able to use that tire for thousands of more miles.
  • Plugging your tire is a more temporary solution, as it hasn’t been approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as a permanent fix. This method of tire repair is common because it’s cheap and easy to do, as you can do it from home! However, it’s not the safest or most reliable option.

Do you know how to plug your car tire?

If you want to have your car tire patched up, just bring it to our auto service center for tire repair in Charlotte. However, if you want to plug your tire, you may be wondering how it’s done. Here are the steps you have to take when plugging your tire on your own:
  • First, you should visit our Toyota Parts Center in Charlotte for a tire plug kit. You can find a cheap kit with all of the tools and supplies you need inside!
  • Once you have the kit, locate the hole in your car tire. If there’s a nail or any other object in your tire, you should remove it. 
  • Next, take the tool that looks like a nail file from your kit and stick it in and out of the hole to clean it out and rough it up. 
  • Take a piece of tar and stick it through the tool with an eye on it. Pull it through, so that it’s centered. 
  • Lastly, stick this tool into the hole in your tire until about ½ of an inch of the tar is sticking out the top. Pull the plug straight out and leave the plug in your tire. 
  • Trim the end of the tar close to the tire and fill your tire back up with air - make sure it's at the right tire pressure
Leave this auto service in the hands of our professionals. Schedule an appointment at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center by giving us a call at (888) 378-1214. We’re located at 13428 Statesville Rd. in Huntersville.