BLOG: Speed Street brings out a wide variety of sports fans

BLOG: Speed Street brings out a wide variety of sports fans

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - WBTV is always happy to take part in the racing festivities this time of year by hosting a booth at Speed Street (which started yesterday and runs through Saturday night) in Uptown Charlotte.

What I always look forward to at Speed Street is meeting the sports fans and realizing how much people love talking about the teams they love.

For instance Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets his fair share of spotlight through lip service, t-shirt service, or hat service.


Amazingly enough, I still meet a lot of Atlanta Braves fans out there! And no, it's not just because I'm an Atlanta Braves fan that I'm saying that.

I really do see a lot of hats with the letter "A" on them. And to clarify which "A"they support, the Atlanta Braves "A" is about 95% of what I see, the Alabama Crimson Tide take the other 5 percent.

I even met a Clover Blue Eagles fan today. He goes to school there and is rooting on his girl's softball team. In case you did not know, they play for the South Carolina 4-A Championship against Summerville tonight in Columbia. It's a decisive game three.

Somebody please buy me a hat with an "E" on it.