Crime Stoppers: Pastry prowlers hit Dunkin' Donuts

Crimestoppers: Hungry break-in at Dunkin' Donuts

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Pastry prowlers are on the loose in west Charlotte. It may sounds silly, but two men let their sweet tooth lead them into a crime you might not expect.

On surveillance video, they look like ordinary 20-somethings. Except this is 3:15 a.m. outside a donut shop at the intersection of Freedom Drive and Morehead Street.

One man is dressed in a black NIKE shirt. He has a hammer behind his back - and he's about to use it on the drive-thru window.

His partner is in a white shirt. The pair back up and throw the hammer at the window. It misses.

They move closer and try it again. Another miss.

On the third attempt, they stand very close, and this time it works. The glass is shattered. They sweep away the shards, then take off their shirts to tie them over their heads as some sort of disguise.

Once they climb in the drive-thru window, they go on a hunt for food.

"With break-ins, you would go straight for the safe," said CMPD Officer Tori Roddey, "Or, straight to the register. But no, these guys went in and started eating."

That's right, eating. First, they found chocolate milk and orange juice and helped themselves to a rack of donuts. One of the men found a take-out box and filled it up.

I asked Officer Roddey how he explains two guys breaking into a donut shop in the middle of the night? "Only thing I can think of, Paul, is the guys were probably high or something because nobody just breaks in and starts eating."

But these are hungry young men, and they find food that needs cooking. So, they fire up an oven.

"The crazy thing about this, they not only started eating the food, but they decided they wanted some hash browns and put some hash browns in the oven and started cooking them."

While the hash browns brown, one man goes looking for drinks, but there's a surprise at the front glass door. A woman appears. She's there to open up the donut shop. When they see her, they cheese it.

From the parking lot camera, the shirtless duo goes out the way they came in and disappear up Morehead Street toward Wilkinson Boulevard.

Police were able to recover the hammer and take fingerprints.

If you can help finger these confection criminals, call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 and your reward will be sweet.

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