Newcomers trying to cash in on Speed Street

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - More than 400,000 people are expected to invade uptown Charlotte to participate in the city's annual Speed Street event. The event has been around for more than 20 years, but some people are trying it out for the first time.

Some unique businesses have chosen to set up shop during the three-day event. E-Z Hang Chair is one of those businesses. They sell relaxing chairs that owners say can be hung from anywhere.

"It's been well," E-Z Hang Chair Owner Jennifer Jaynes said. "We've done well this week."

Next to E-Z Hang Chair is Cornwell Creations. They are made from recyclable plastic.

"There are lights you can use indoors or outdoors." Cornwell Creations Owner Amy Cornwell said.

The small business owners say when the weather breaks, that is a good time to try to make some cash. Cornwell knew about Speed Street. She used to work uptown, and says she knew of the event's impact.

"I would see everything set up for speed Street," Cornwell said, "And hear everybody talk about it, so I know it was a big deal. When we got the opportunity, we jumped at it."

Business leaders say so far so good. They hope their businesses will grow even more so they can return to Speed Street in the future.

The city has deemed Speed Street and extraordinary event. Police officers are on every corner keeping the peace. Activities start at noon and end at midnight.

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