BLOG: Let the adventure begin!

BLOG: Let the adventure begin!

Welcome to the beginning of a new adventure! This is a new blog that I'll be writing…and I would love to have you be an active part of it!

Of course…there are blogs upon blogs upon blogs upon blogs out there. So how do you know if this is one of those blogs you'll want to keep up with? Okay, here's a simple test that will let you know:

1) Do you like to eat good food? If you answered NO…then exit this blog immediately because you will not want to learn where you can find some of the best places in the Carolinas that no one knows about that serve the best food on earth!

Now…if you answered YES, then continue on to question number 2.

2) Do you like to find interesting places to visit that aren't your typical, run-of-the-mill places to visit? If you answered NO…then exit this blog now while you have the chance to get away before I take you on some of the best trips to the most fascinating places that you will love to visit!

However, if you answered YES, continue on to question number 3.

3) Do you like to meet and get to know interesting people…some of them famous…some of them not so famous? If you answered NO…then click on another website that takes you far from this blog because you will not want to know a thing about the best artists, musicians, athletes, singers, craftsmen and women in the world that live right here in the Carolinas.!

But, if you answered YES, then continue on to question number 4.

4) What is the meaning of life? If you answered, I don't know…that's okay…because that's a trick question! I mean, really…who has the definitive answer to that question? I certainly don't! But I do have a few answers when it comes to traveling the Carolinas and looking for the most interesting, fascinating, unusual, dynamic, colorful and remarkable people, places and things!

And that's what this blog is all about! In the spirit of the Carolina Camera feature that aired on WBTV for years, I'm going to blog about all sorts of things that make the Carolinas such a unique place to live, work and play. Of course,

I'll need your help! It's my hope that between my observations and yours we'll be able to come up with incredible stories and adventures…places to visit…food to eat…people to meet…and who knows what else!

So I invite you to join me on this new adventure! Be sure to check in often because you never know what you might find.

And while you're here…let's go back to that question number 4. Sort of reminds me of that story involving legendary basketball coach Dean Smith. Seems one of his players once asked him, 'Coach…why is the basketball round?' Well, Coach

Smith stood there and pondered a moment and then said to him, "Well young man, you've actually asked me two questions here. The first is, 'Why?' And that's a question that's puzzled scientists and philosophers for ages and may never really be answered. But as for the second part of that question, '…is the basketball round?' Well that's a simple one son. The answer is…yes!"

Um…just why I included that story in this blog I'm not really sure. But that's what you may find from time to time on this blog…random thoughts on all types of subjects. You know, just enough to keep things interesting!

So thanks for sticking with this first blog through to the end! I'm glad to have you along with me! Who knows what we'll find as we head down the road! I think there could be some exciting times ahead and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you!


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